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I'm Erin, nice to meet you!

I am 99% of what makes EJR Designs (1% goes to coffee & gangsta rap)

I'm a Graphic Designer based between Brisbane & the Gold Coast.


I specialise in Wedding & Social Stationery

& am always up to collaborate on any rad design idea

(check out my folio to see if our styles match)!


I have been in this industry for 9 years

& while many trends have come & gone, the one thing that has remained the same

is my passion to help create designs that bring happiness & those warm & fuzzy feelings.


I'm here for you.

In the Graphic Design + Print way, of course.

C'mon. But I mean, if you have a sniffly nose, I'll give you a tissue. I'm not a monster.


Even if just to say Hi!

Or to talk about your dog that you just emailed me a picture of.

Promise we will end up best friends.



Are you a Bride or Groom that has an eye for beautiful, stylish things?

Are you after a luxe design on high quality stock?

Can you appreciate value for money?

Do you like excellent service?

WELL, my friend - you've come to the right designer! Let's chat!


If you're after a copy cat design for the cost of a few buttons & don't get excited over great design

 then I don't think we are a good fit to create magic together.